My First Imari Matching Cup and Saucer Sets

I would like to show my first matching cup and saucer sets in Imari painting. Actually, I painted the sets for my British friend and his wife. He and I have been friends over for two years. He is the only person who has been teaching me British English.

Although I have been focusing on learning American English, and I started to take some painting classes in America, I am planning to go to England to take some painting classes some day. So, I would love to be able to understand both English.

Actually my British friend helped me a lot when I started my art blog. He encouraged me a lot to start the blog. I wanted to paint something for
him to appreciate him.

Before I sent them to him, I was very scared. I couldn’t help thinking if the sets might be broken. When I brought them to the Japanese post office, the officer told me that it might be dangerous for me to send them to England. However, he received them safely. He also thought that he
was very scared before he opened my package, and he shook it to make sure if they were broken.

This fall he will come to Japan to meet me in person and stay at my house for a while. I really can’t wait to meet him!


8 Responses to “My First Imari Matching Cup and Saucer Sets”

  1. Beautiful Imari Yumi. Your friend is very lucky:)

    • Hi, Jane! Thanks for the comment!! I designed the Imari for him. So, it looks modern comepared to old Imari. I prefer old Imari and coping them. However, I wanted to create only one Imari in the world for him. I am not sure if he is lucky or not. However, I hope he likes them!!

  2. I would love to learn how to do some of the different kinds of Japanese painting like on this link. Do you have any patterns that you can bring when you come?

    • Hi, Dixie!

      Thanks for the comment! It’ fun for me to think what subject we should paint together! I can bring some patterns for you! I’ll show you how to paint with a Japanese style to you, Anna, George and your friends if you want!

  3. What a wonderful porcelain artist you are! And you love teaching the art as well. I love your work and your attitude! Wish you all the success in the world!

    • Hello, Sharon!

      Thank you so much for the big big compliment! Nah, I am lack of teaching part, lol. I love teaching, though. After graduating from my porcelain school, I want to start my own school!

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