My Fruit Painting

Hi, there! How have you been? It’s been a while after I posted my last blog entry. I am very sorry I couldn’t update my blog for a while. That’s because my PC died. However, a week ago I received a new PC! So, I finally can update my blog entries via my new PC!

I would like to show my fruit painting today. I painted them at my painting school because I have been learning a European painting style there. I painted them with my textbook of fruits.

I like the designs. I designed them like a very famous European pottery brand, Höchster Porzellanmanufaktur. I added some bags on the plates.

My next fruit subject was berry. I also like the gold design on the pottery. I think it is match the figure of the pottery and the berries. I enjoyed designing the brush too.



My last fruit subject was this big tray! I struggled with painting it. It was heavy and have a lot of relieves. So, it was difficult for me to design with the fruit basket. When my painting teacher looked at the tray, she praised me a lot, and said ” Great Job, Yumi!!” so many times.

Actually, I don’t like those fruits with the painting style. However, I could learn a lot through the projects.

I have used these textbooks to paint fruits.


8 Responses to “My Fruit Painting”

  1. Wow, awesome job on those red berries! They’re insanely good!

    • Hi, William-san. Thanks for the coment as well! Thank you always for visiting my blog and thanks as always for chatting with me over Skype! Talk to you soon!!!

  2. Christine Jewel Uy Says:

    amazing!..nice piece:)

  3. Emilie Wiley Says:

    Hi Yumi,

    Another great job of painting!!!! You just keep getting better and better!!!!

    • Hi, Emilie. Thanks for the comment. I am happy to receive such a really positive comment from you! I am really looking forward to seeing you in person again soon!!!!

  4. Your blog is a culture fountain! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
    Could you give more information about the San Do’s Studio? Can we have classes there? How to get courses information?
    Congrats for you pieces, are fantastic!
    Instagram: @gdporcelanas

    • Hi there!

      Thank you for visiting and following my blog. You can take any classes whatever you want at San’s painting studio. Contact him. He can give you any information you want. When you meet him, please sat hello to him for me!

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