I would like to show my cherub painting today. I practiced to paint various cherubs in monotone colors after I painted one of them in some colors.

I like painting angels. They are chubby and adorable. Although I am not a Christian, I feel happy while I have been painting  them. I am not used to looking at many cherubs because I am a Buddhist, and I don’t go to church, but I hope that my cherubs seems to be plump and cute as well.


16 Responses to “Cherubs”

  1. Nilda Frenkiel Says:

    I like very much. I also paint cherubs.
    It is wontherfull !!!

    • Hi, Nilda. Thanks for the comment. I am happy that you like my cherubs! How is your cherubs? I also would like to see yours! Can you show me yours on Facebook or e-mail? I am looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Nilda Frenkiel Says:

    It is wontherfull and very nice !!!

    • Hi, Nelida. Thanks again for the comment. I appreciate you to look around my artwork! I have been posting my artwork pictures constantly, so please keep on seeing my blog!

  3. Emilie Wiley Says:

    Beautiful job, Yumi. Everything looks great!!!!

    • Hi, Emilie. Thanks for the comment! I am glad that you like my angels. I painted them with an European painting style. The face size of the cherubs is almost same as my thumb. So, I used a magnifying glass, lol. It was the most tough part. The design of the trim was the second tough part for me. I hope the design suit the cherubs!

      I am happy because the orange colors are very good looking. In addition, it was quite easy for me to handle the colors rather than blue colors. I am a bit disappointed because after I fired the blue cherubs four times, deeper parts faded away a bit.

      It is very interesting for me to learn about colors.

  4. They are as cute as can be Yumi!

    • Hi, Kay. How have you been? Have you been busy for painting? I finished my bird painting. I am thinking that I will update my bird painting next time.

      Thanks for the comment! You encouraged me a lot!!!! Before I received the comment from you, I was a bit scared how my cherubs looked like. So, I am very happy right now!!!

      Thanks as always for looking around my art blog. I really appreciate you!!!!

  5. really delicate

  6. I really enjoyed the blue heart plate a lot, however they’re all really pretty. Good luck on your projects to come and please continue to share!

    • Hi, Miko-cyan. Thanks for the comment! I am very happy that you looked at my work, and you also like them! I will try my best, of course!! So, please keep on checking my blog constantly!!!

  7. Great job! They look beautiful.

    • Hi, nice to meet you, LimogesBoxCollector! Thanks for the comment! I have also been collecting limoges pill cases. I love painting on the miniature box. Its cute!

  8. Great job! They look beautiful.

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