My Landscapes

My landscape painting has been developing. I would like to show you some of my landscape paintings today.

The first picture is my first landscape painting. I painted it four years ago after I started to learn porcelain painting with a European painting style. I know it is not a good work, but I like it.

My second picture is my second landscape. I also painted it with a European painting style for three month ago. Compared to the last one I can realize that how much I have been improving! It makes me feel very happy. Look at the gold part. As I mentioned that the tiny dots killed me on Facebook when I updated my Nyon’s roses. The gold work also killed me more! It was so difficult for me to draw. According to my painting teacher, Gold was very precious, and for even Kings it was very difficult to get. So, both the dots and the irregular thin line works were thought in turn covering all the parts with gold. When people looked at the gold parts with dots or tiny lines, they thought as if the work were covered with full of gold. However, it must be much easier for painters to paint the parts all gold, lol.

Last two pictures are my first landscapes with an American painting style. It is much easier for me to paint landscapes with slower dried medium and some flat brushes. I designed the Mable pattern on the trims of the plates. It was my first time to paint in sepia colors. It was very fun!

Thanks for looking at my artwork. If you have some time, please a leave comment!

I am sorry that it was difficult to take pictures of my landscapes because of my lack of skills. When you click each pictur, you can look at the painting better.


4 Responses to “My Landscapes”

  1. Matthew Says:

    These plates look amazing.

    I don’t think any Westerner could believe that they were painted by a Japanese woman.

    I really like the last two plates you painted with the American style.
    They look very old fashioned, like something I would see in my late Grandmother’s house.

    You are really becoming a great artist.

    • Hi, Matt. Thanks for the wonderful comment! I am very glad to hear that. My goal is to become a better artist, so I will keep on trying my best!

      I also love antiques. If my plates looks antiques, it would be great for me!

      • Christine Jewel Uy Says:

        very nice american style..can I suggest/request for a style for your next artworks yumi?:)

  2. Hi, Christine. Thanks for the comment! Of course, you can do that. I am not sure if I can reply to your request, but I will try my best!

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