My Nyons’s Roses

Hi, friends. Thanks as always to check out my art blog. I really love receiving a lot of comments from you, if you have some free time, please leave a comment on my blog entries!

I would love to show my roses with a European painting style today. My roses are called Nyons’s roses. Nyons is a part of regions in France. I have not been there, so I am not sure if my roses seem to be exact the roses or not. However, I hope mine seems to be close to them.

Here is the link of Nyons:

Although I am not good at painting with sketching with an American painting style, when I paint the roses or filler flowers with the style, I always paint them without tracing. I draw some circles or crosses with my pencil to make some marks, and I start to paint the roses or filler flowers. I can’t paint roses with an American painting style, so my next goal is to become able to paint roses with the techniques!

When you click each picture, you can see it much better. Thanks!


10 Responses to “My Nyons’s Roses”

  1. Great designs and works 🙂 WHich is your favourite piece?

    • Hi, Ingrid. Thanks for the comment. I like the pink one which has a rose figurin on the top of the lid. However, it took me a long time to paint the clock one. I painted all aspects and two angels.

  2. I really like the blue cup as well as the one with the rose on the lid. They’re so delicate and beautiful. How long did it take you do to the clock piece? It looks very intricate.

    • Hi, Miko-chan. Thanks as always for leaving some comments on my blog entries! I also like the blue one. It is kind of difficult for China painters to fire the color blue with a Kiln. We sometimes loose the color after we fire it. I think I could succeed to fire it! Thats why my blue looks very pretty. I guess that it took me for two to three months to finish painting the clock one.

  3. Emilie Wiley Says:

    Hi Yumi, Great job on everything!!!!! Keep up the great work. When will you be able to come to MI to teach us that way of painting roses?

    • Hi, Emilie. I am very sorry I am late to reply to you. Thats becasue I took some classes both in Osaka and Tokyo from last Thursday to this Monday. So, I had been busy.

      Thanks for the comment! How is your eyes going? I am stilly worry about you.

      Hahaha, thanks for the offer. Whenever you want to paint the roses with me, I can paint with you while I am in Michigan! The roses are quite easy for painting. I am sure that you love them!

      By the way, thanks for subscribing my art blog!


  4. These are beautiful. They can not only be enjoyed now, they will certainly become heirlooms.

  5. Absolutely stunning. The visual texture of your flowers and roses on the porcelain remind me of professional grade work. I have to say you definitely have a bright future ahead of you as a painter. Keep going!


    • Hi, Michael. Thanks for the comment! Your comment encouraged me a lot! Yep, I will try my best and make a lot of efforts to be able to be a better artist!

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