The Michigan School

Today I would like to write about the Michigan school. As you know I sometimes go to America to take some painting classes to improve my painting skills. I especially would like to learn an American painting style in America because I have been learning a European painting style ( Dresden Style ) and a Japanese painting style in Japan.

I took two classes in the Michigan school this May. One was a pansy class, and the other was a portrait class. To be honest with you, I am not used to painting with an American style. I especially is not good at flowers with the style. So, my first class was a bit hard for me. I was taught how to paint pansies by Ann Zitterkoph. When she suggested to us that we couldn’t trace the pansies, and we had to sketch them on our plate, I almost wanted to cry. I thought I couldn’t do that because I never do it before. However, Ann was a very good teacher. She taught us a lot while showing some real pansies. The class was very fun. It was my first time to paint flowers with an American style. I had a great time with Ann. I really appreciate her. After I took her class, I realized that painting flowers with an American style  was fun!

My next class was portrait. I was really looking forward to taking the class because I like painting portraits. However, it was also my first time to paint portraits with an American style. I was taught it by Barbara Bougher. I painted my daughter’s portrait.

In the class when Barbara looked at my work, she said that she couldn’t touch mine because mine looked perfect for her. After she said that, she picked up my work and showed around mine to all other students. All of them clapped their hands to me and said they were happy for me. I was extremely happy at that time. Babara encouraged me and suggested to me that I should start to teach. She told me that I could improve my painting skills through teaching. Right now I am thinking about it.

I met many painters there and made friends with them. I met one of my Facebook friends, Joyce there. She gave me a very cute her hand-painted box. Thanks, Joyce!
I also met Stephen Hayes. He is a teacher. Ann and Stephen especially treated me kindly. When they looked at me, they always spoke to me and asked me about my class.

After class, I always played board games with my American friends. It was very fun! To tell you the truth, I can’t catch English numbers. So, it was very tough for me to play BINGO in English! When I listen to English numbers, I always try to translate the numbers into Japanese. While I am thinking, the game is going on, and I loose my numbers. Actually, many friends helped me a lot. However, I received a lot of gifts. I was a lucky girl!

We also had a party because the school had a 40th anniversary this year.

The school was extremely fun. I really appreciate my friends, Gay, Emilie, Kay and Mari first. I also appreciate my friends, Pat, Joyce, Christine, Beatriz and many my classmates. I also appreciate my teachers Ann, Barbara, Stephen ( Thank you so much for the wonderful paints! ), Andrew ( Thank you so much for the lovely plate! ) and many teachers.

I am really looking forward to seeing all of them again next year!



10 Responses to “The Michigan School”

  1. And we are looking very forward to seeing you!

    • Hi, Kay. Thanks for the comment. Thanks for hanging out with me as always. I am really looking forward to seein you again this comming September. I defenitily will stop by Gay’s place again after the Arizona school. See ya then in person!!! Until then, let’s enjoy exchanging our e-mails!!!!!

  2. Very nice post Yumi!!

    • Hi, Michael. Thanks for the comment. I am very glad that you read my blog entry! I really love receiving some comments! So, whenever you are free, please leave a comment!

  3. toni acock Says:

    These are all very beautiful and I especially like the Japonese motifs. Keep painting…you are doing great!

    • Hi, Toni! Thanks for the comment!!! I am very glad to receive the comment from you. Thanks for looking around my blog entries! I am happy that you like my artwork! Next time I will show you my landsccapes or my bird paintings!!! So, please keep on checking out my blog constantly!!!!

  4. toni acock Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog about the school. It was told in a ladylike and very charming manner. I know all of the other students and teachers at the school enjoyed you as much as you enjoyed them.Your work is very good. Happy to see such nice work.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi, Toni. Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment! I am also happy you reading my blog entry. I wish if you could join us next year! I am looking forward to seein you in person some day in the Michigan school!!!!

  5. Very sweet face.

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