My Horse Painting

I am sorry I couldn’t update my art blog for a while. That’s because I went to America to take some painting classes. Since last year I started taking some classes regularly in America. That is the best way for me to develop my painting skills.

Meanwhile, today I would like to update my horse painting. I learned it at the Arizona school last year. The teacher was San Do. He is my favorite teacher, and he treated me kindly while calling me, ” Yummy”. Since my name is Yumiko, many International friends call me Yumi, but he always calls me Yummy. When I was in the Michigan school this year, a lady who came from Canada had been calling me, ” Yum Yum “. Hahaha, I am happy that many people call me in a different way.

The horse painting completely changed my painting life. It was my fist time to study abroad in America. Before I went to travel around America alone, I was very scared because I had never traveled alone. I knew that my English skills were not enough to travel alone and take some painting classes in English. However, when I looked at the white horse via the Internet, I really would love to take the San Do’s class. So, I jumped into the school.

I think that it was very good for me as a result because I met some great American teachers including San Do and some wonderful American painters there. I could went to the Michigan school this year thanks to the wonderful friends. I will write about it next time. I will attend the Arizona school this year again to take two San Do’s classes with my American painting friends. After I paint the project that I learn there, I will update them here. So, please give me some time until then!


15 Responses to “My Horse Painting”

  1. Love your horse Yumi. I have only been brave enough to paint a possum, but he was cute too. It is lovely that you share all your news with us. I think I have linked you to my blog now because I didn’t know how to do that before now.

    • Hi, Jane. Thanks for the comment! I am so glad that you linked my blog to yours. I will check it out later.

      I also have to check out your blog more often!!!

      I am thinking that my next entry will be the projects that I learned in the Michigan school. I also experienced wondeful events there. Talk to you soon!

  2. Melanie Says:

    Wow! Yumi, the horse looks so real! Such amazing attention to detail. Were you looking at a real horse when you painted it?

    I really love horses. I used to horseback ride when I was younger. Have you ever ridden a horse?

    I can’t wait to see your work from Michigan!
    = )

    • Hi, Melanie. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I was looking at the magazine that my friend took our class when I painted it. I have experienced horse ridding in Hawaii. It was fun!

      I will update my next entry as soon as possible.

  3. Your horse is beautiful, what kind is it? It looks similar to a horse i have ,that is Andalusian…I think yours may be the same breed..hahahah.
    I painted with Felipe and will paint with Micheal Turner in a few days, at dallas china..then head to Denver..I have not been home yet, and am waiting on Karen, as she said I may not get San this year..I will Paint with elzora or ms. george or ? , but i will see you there in Mesa..Mari

    • Hi, Mari. Thanks for the comment. I am very glad to receive the comment from you! How are you doing recently? Are you still traveling around to paint? I don’t know Micheal Turner. So, I need to ask about him to Gay, Emilie, Kay or you…… What kind of paint does he paint?
      Why will you go to Denver? To paint? I will send you an e-mail later.
      In two weeks after I returned to Japan, I was too busy and down a bit. However, now I got well. I started to paint again. I am painting landscapes on two plates at the same time.

      It doesn’t matter for me that you won’t take San’s class. I know that we can get along with there. It’s more important for me. Gay and Emilie also won’t take San’s first class. They also take Alzora’s class. They will take San’s second class, though. After the school, I will fly to Michigan again to spend two weeks with Gay! We will paint and paint and paint again at her house!

      I really look forward to seeing your wonderful artwork at Mesa. Please show me your recent artwork there!!!!! Hugs!


  4. 毛の質感まで伝わってくる絵ですね。すごくなめらかそう。乗りたい! 😀
    こんなに上手に絵が描けるなんて本当に素敵ですね。ゆみさんに、私が描いた雀の絵をみせてあげたいです。謎の生物です 😀

    この馬の絵を、もっと大きくみたいんですけど… そうしたら、もっと細かいところまで観察できる。ウッシッシ :3

    • コメントありがとう、Akiさん!!!


      私も今、たちもの(壺=花瓶)にhumming birdをデザインしています。鳥を描くのも大好きです。そのうち、鳥の絵も載せますね。



  5. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    • Thank you so much for the comment! I love that someone found me accidentally with Google. I also love receiving a comment someone whom I don’t know! What a great day today is!!! Thank you for adding me to your Google News Reader. I really appreciate it. I will try my best!!

  6. This horse is great!

    • Thanks for the comment, Marisol. I also like the horse. I quite enjoyed painting it with my Ameircan painting teacher, San Do. I really think he is a great teacher! I will go to America one month from now and take his classes again!

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