My Second Portrait

This is my second portrait. I really would love to become able to paint portrait well. That is because to paint portrait is so much fun!  I have been using this portrait to my Skype pitcure.


6 Responses to “My Second Portrait”

  1. Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. – Oscar Wilde

    Hi Yumi-san, been checking out for blog updates. Very detailed! Is this the same as your photo?

    • Hi, Jericho. Thanks for the comment. Yes, it is the same of my Skype picture. When you click the picter, you can look at the wide version.

  2. Hi, Yumi!

    The detail in your portrait is amazing! I love the definition in her cheeks & the ringlets in her hair. Well done!

    = )

    • Hi, Melanie. Thanks for the comment. I am glad that you like my portrait. I will take a Portrait class in Michigan. So, after I finish painting, I will update the photo here again!

  3. Hi Yumi,
    I am a china painter in California, your portrait is very nice. Thank you for sharing…

    • Hi, Andrey! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the comment! I’m happy that you like my portraits!

      I haven’t practiced portraits for a while, but I’m sure I will practice them again after finishing everything to do!! So. sometimes visit my blog!!

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