My Jewelry Painting

Do you like jewelries? I am not interested in wearing jewelries so much. However, I am very interested in painting jewelries. I always think jewelries are interesting motives for painters. I would like to paint jewelries more. It is very fun for me.

My favorite jewelry is a pearl. I am a Japanese woman, so both my hair and eyes’ colors are Oriental black. I think pearl’s white color fits to Oriental people’s black hair and eyes very much. I would like to paint pearls someday.


17 Responses to “My Jewelry Painting”

  1. Hi Yumi, Love these. I am painting-or should I say not painting-a copy of Vermeer’s The Girl with the Pearl Earring. I only have the face to paint and of course the earring so I should just do it. So I will think of you when I do.

    • Hi, Jane. Thanks for the comment. I am glad that you looked at my work again! I am curious about your pearl painting with the girl. If there is a chance, please show me your portrait. I am thinking I would like to some jewelies again. After I will paint, I will show you them here. I am happy you think of me.

  2. Can I print the photo in my Gazette Yumi to give our members inspiration? I will send you a copy of the magazine so that you can see where I am putting it. We only have 65 readers so it is not a glossy magazine. Please let me know before the end of this week as that is when it goes to the printers.
    My painting is on my blog in earlier pages. My daughter and her family lived in Japan for 3 years back in the ’90’s. She had a daughter born while she lived there and everyone calls her Wasabi-Her name is really Rachel. Lovely to talk to you. Jane

    • Hi, Jane. Oh my gosh! I am very glad to hear that!!!! Of course, you can post my art pictures on your magazine. I am very honored about it.
      I am so excited because it is my first time that my artwork will be introduced on a magazine. I hope the readers of your magazine will be interested in my work. I am looking forward to you sending the picture of the magazine page.

      I am also glad to know that your daughter lived in Japan. I guess my daughter and your granddaughter are in the similar age. My daughter was born in 1994. Your granddaughter’s nickname, “Wasabi” is really cute, isn’t it? Does she speak some Japanese words?

      I will go to your blog and would like to see your painting! Thanks for sharing. I also love chatting with you. Even if we are far between Japan and Australia, I feel you closer thanks to the Internet. Talk to you later.

  3. Diddy Yeung Says:

    Your jewerly look so real to wear, it is beauitful.

  4. I love jewelries.It´s soooo beautiful

    • Thanks for the comment, Marisol. I read your journal entry on lang-8. You also will start to your blog, right? What kind of blog will you start?
      I am looking forward to reading yours. Go for it!

  5. Christine Jewel Uy Says:

    This art works are very exceptional..Only few people can do such a beautiful arts like these..I hope I will be as artistic as yumi someday:0)

    • Hi, Christine. Thanks for the comment!!! You can do that whenever you want anytime! All you need to do that is to be confident in yourself!!!

  6. stefan stern Says:

    hello yumi,
    this is absolut perfect ( and me english not )
    i am a german collector for jewelry paintings from goldshmiths and i want some paintings from you for my collection.
    please send me an mail

  7. stefan stern Says:

    hi yumi,
    i colleting old goldsmith sketch ( designe studium ) like this
    only the time 1850-2000
    i hope , you can understand my bad english but my school english is 30 years ago.
    i thing your work will be completet my collection. please send me a privat mail
    have a nice day

    • Hi, stefan.

      Thank you for the comment again! I checked out the websites that you shared with me. They are really lovely pieces of jewelry, aren’t they?

      Your English is good, but if you are not confident in your English, you can write in German. So, where are you from?

  8. Sorry u should not feel that u r not beautiful.God’s every creation is awesome.u must that u r an honest person.Anyway your creativity is fabulous.

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