My Floral Tribute

As you know four days ago, the terrible earthquake hit Japan. We lost lots of people by the tsunami and the earthquake. In addition to that, our nuclear plants exploded. We are in a very tough situation right now. After that, I had been depressed. I could not update my blog because even if I had not actually been crying, I had been crying in my mind all day for these four days. However, lots of International friends encouraged me a lot. They left a lot of comments on my facebook wall. Some of them sent me some warm and kind messages directly. Others suddenly called me over Skype. Another friends sent me some e-mails. Even if we cannot hug, I can feel them in my mind. And then, they encouraged me to paint again.

I am thinking I will try to do charity to sell my artwork to help people where the quake attacked. I would like to sell some of my artwork on yahoo auction site, and make some money for them. I appreciate all my International friends to encourage me.

Since my feelings are still depressed, I posted monotone flowers. In Japan when we express our sadness, the colors are black and white. I should update monochromatic plates that are painted by black and white. However, I do not have such colored plates. So, I updated them. These plates express my current feelings. I would like to contribute the flowers that I painted on the plates to people who lost their lives by this quake. 


6 Responses to “My Floral Tribute”

  1. I think selling your art for charity would be a great idea.

    At a time like this, it takes alot of courage to express your emotions. But expressing yourself can help alot of people and art is a great form of expression.

    Your flowers are beautiful, wether they are black, white, red or green, as long as you show your emotions, that is the most important thing.

    Good luck with the auction! And keep posting updates on your blog!

    • Hello, Marc-san. Thanks for the comment. When I found your comment, I was so glad!

      I am not sure if I will make some money for charity, but I will try my best. I like challenging new things. So, I am excited right now.

  2. Sharon Waite Says:

    Yumiko, We here in the U.S. hope that Japan may begin recovery efforts soon, despite the continuing shaking of the earth with aftershocks. If we may assist in some way, please let us know. I would be happy to bid on any of your items if you put them up for auction on FB or anywhere on the internet. I have donated to the Salvation Army for Japan, and a couple of other charity organizations. It seems very overwhelming from our viewpoint; I can only imagine what it must be like to be there in the middle of that tragedy. Blessings to you and all your friends and family. Your porcelain painting friend, Sharon

    • Hi, Sharon. Thank you so much for the kind and warm comment. Your comment almost made me cry. I really appreciate there are so many thoughtful American people who are concerning about Japan and us.

      I really appreciate you!!! If I will need your help, I am willing to let you know. Please help us at the time.

  3. I love your monochrome tributes. Glad you could paint again. I know this are still not good there in Japan, but I am still praying for a fast recovery to the land and blessed healing in the hearts of the people.

    • Hi, Wilma. Thanks for the comment. I am very glad that you looked at my art blog. You are so sweet and always leave some comments on my facebook’s wall. I really appreciate you!

      I received your hugs. I also would love to hug back to you!!!

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