My Flower Clock

I painted the plate with an European painting style. I guess if I painted it with an American painting style, I could paint it more realistic. I painted it with some round brushes and some quick drying paints. I prefer handling slow drying paints, so I love painting with an American style painting ( I also prefer using some flat brushes because I am used to paint with some oil paints.), but I am not used to painting with an American painting style. I just started to learn an American painting style in America since last September. Although I guess I will become able to show some paintings with an American painting style in the future, I usually handle quick drying paints both to an European painting style and a Japanese painting style. 


6 Responses to “My Flower Clock”

  1. Very nice as always, Yumi!


  2. Yumi-san style でしょう? 😉
    白いお花に感激しました。お皿もほぼ白いのに、どうやったらYumiさんのように白いお花を立体的に描けるんだろう…? としばらく考えましたが…
    答えは “Yumiさんの才能” ですね 🙂


    • Akiさん、毎回コメント本当にありがとう!!!!なんか毎回Akiさんのコメントを期待してしまっています。うふふ。

  3. Rowell Sabino Says:

    I like it when styles get fused. It feels like… new styles are being born. I say new styles are pleasing to the eyes (well, to me at least :D). Please keep on trying different techniques to further improve your art skills, Yumi-san (^^)

    Btw, I love your blog slogan: “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”

    • Thank you so much for the comment, Rowell. I really apprecieate you. I am super happy to have you as my friend. The slogan is from Da Vinch.

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