Arita Sometsuke Iroe


I finally created my art blog! Yay! Since I started to take my porcelain painting classes in America, I have thought that I have wanted to create my art blog for a long time. However, I did not enough time to do that. Since I am not good at managing at my time, it took quite a long time. I really appreciate all my friends who encouraged me and supported me to create this blog. I would like to say them out loud, “I finally did it!!!!”
I really hope many people will become interested in my artwork and visit my blog. If you are into my works, please leave a comment. I am very glad to read all comments.
I would like to update my artwork constantly both on facebook and this blog.

Fist of all, I would like to introduce one of my favorite Japanese porcelain paintings. It is called Aritayaki in Japanese. I have been learning this style painting for 4 years in Japan from an actual Aritayaki painter. I have also been learning European style painting in Japan. So, I am looking forward to show my both European style and Japanese style paintings here. I also started to learn American style painting in America. I will be able to show the paintings here as well.

This blog entry is not perfect. After later I am planning to add something to explain about Aritayaki in these three days. That is because I am busy to take my regular painting classes in Tokyo. Please check it out occasionally. I just started to my blog, and I am thinking what is the best way for me to manage the blog right now. So, if you have some ideas, feel free to tell me.

I drew two circle lines with a ruler on my plate, but except the lines whole parts are by my hand.


27 Responses to “Arita Sometsuke Iroe”

  1. Emilie Wiley Says:

    Beautifl work, Yumiko!!!! Very intricate and well done.

    • Thank you sooooooooooooo much for the comment, Emilie!!! I’m very glad to read it. I will edit this blog entry after later, and I will add something to explain about Aritayaki. I need some good ideas, opinions, suggestions and advices from a porcelain painter’s view, so feel free to tell me anything that you think about my blog.

  2. I am excited to see your work 由美子ちゃん!I cannot wait to see more and more posted. Your piece up there is very lovely. I showed it to Doug as well and he was very impressed with your abilities! Perhaps you could even explain some of the different things you do to create your artwork. Maybe even tell us about the tools you use, supplies, your work station. There are so many things I’m curious about.

    • Thanks for the comment, Miko-chan. Thanks for the suggestion. I definitely have to follow your advice. I will edit this my blog entry after later ( Actually I don’t have much time today.), I will explain something about my artwork further.

  3. Hi Yumi. As I said when I first saw these… WOW! Really beautiful work. Keep posting those pictures. I really enjoy looking at pictures of your artwork – you are so very talented. Well done!

    • Thanks for the comment, Maryn. I’m very glad to read your comment. This weekend, folllowing your advice, I would like to go out to buy some clothes for my blog. I also have to improve my camera’s skills, doesn’t it? Next week I will post an Europian style painting, so please check it out again!

      • You are welcome, Yumi. The newer pictures look really very nice. They are very clear and the backing cloth is a lovely colour.

      • Hi, Martyn. Thanks for the comment. Although I went to a cloth shop, I couln’t find a good one. So, I will go to another shop today again.

    • Hi, Martyn. I’m very sorry that I didn’t notice that you left a comment! Thanks for the wonderful comment!!! I will post Matt’s place as my next blog entry. It seems to be so pretty. I can tell you that you feel jealousy, lol!!

  4. Amazing! Purely Amazing!!! Love 1,3, and 4. #2 is really impressive also!!!

  5. Thanks for the comment, Brandon. Thank you for subscribing my blog. I’m sooooooooooooooooo happy!

  6. Very impressive. Before meeting you I never really paid much attention to porcelain art, but after talking with you and understanding the technique, focus and patience you must have to make something so elegant and beautiful, I am definitely now a fan of porcelain art. Thank you so much.

    • Hi, Matt. Thanks for the comment. I also think that porcelain painting is really elegant. I think that’s why I love the painting. It is very interesting, and it never makes me feel boring. I’m super happy to read that you became a fan of the painting! It’s really wonderful!!!

  7. Finally, you started a blog yumi! ^_^ I knew you were interested in painting, but I haven’t been able to see your work before. I think if I had a piece like that I would end up staring at it more than using it! I don’t understand much of the technique behind it, but I can tell it requires immense focus and skill. Congrats! you have made me a fan of porcelain art!

    Is Aritayaki the style of the painting, or the art of porcelain painting itself?

    • Hi, Michael. Thanks for the comment. I’m very glad. Aritayaki is a part of Japanese porcelain painting. I have to explain something about it on the blog entry. Just give me some time.

  8. Looking forward to your other artworks Yumi! This is really something to show the world, the plate you worked hard for in 3 months! I know more people will become fans of this. Don’t worry, I’ll share this with my friends.. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment, tutor Henry! I’m very glad. I’m planning to update this blog once a week constantly. So, please check it out occasionally.

  9. Pat Haack Says:

    Very beautiful! Glad to see you are doing this style of porcelain painting. I did a lot of Imari style a few years ago. When I visited Japan I even went to Imari and Arita and was fascinated watching them paint the porcelain pieces. I would love to see their porcelain festival some day. Everything in the town is made of porcelain – even the bridge! Have you ever been there?

    • Hi, Pat. Thanks for the comment. I’m very glad! I didn’t know that you have visited to Arita. It sounds great. Although I have lived in Kyusyu where is near to Airta for one year 21 years ago, I have never visited there. My painting teacher comes to Osaka from there, and he has been telling his town’s stories many time. So, I really would like to visit there.
      I hope when you will come to Japan next time, we will be able to there together!!!

  10. Yumi, your piece is gorgeous! It takes patience and exacting technique to accomplish such a beautiful work! I am enjoying your blog also. Keep up the good work!

    • Laurie!!!! Thanks for the comment. Today I will update my Dresden plate that is my blandnew artwork. I hope you also like it! Please keep on checking out my blog!!!! Anyay, I really really miss you!!!!!!

  11. Wow, i am so impressed by your work Yumi! And i am very proud too to have a Japanese friend who is a good painter! I hope to see more of your artworks posted in this site. Keep it up… You are able to blend well your creativity, imagination and the eye for beauty when you do your painting. Kudos! 🙂

    • Hi, Tess! Thanks for the comment. I’m really glad to receive the comment from you. When you come to my house, whenever you can see real my artwork. I really look forward to meeting you in person!
      I will keep on posting my artwork pictures on my blog. So, please check it out constantly!

  12. Hi Yumi, love your work. I do some porcelain painting too and am editor of the NSW Porcelain Artists Association magazine(Australia) The Gazette. Maybe you can allow me to enter some of your work in our magazine one day. I will call back and look again as you update. I know what you mean about the Blog as I have one too and all the disasters have stopped me from entering much lately. Enjoy your painting -I love Imari work.

    • Wow, nice to meet you Jane. Thanks to stoping by my blog and looking around it. I really appreciate you.

      I can’t believe that the editor of famous porcelain magazine looked at my blog!

      Thank you also for subcribing my blog. One day I am looking forward to seeing my art work pictures on your magazine!!!!!!

  13. They are all amazing works, fascinated me. You are very talent on painting… I am so glad to meet with you and to watch your beautiful works. They are all like a great story,… You are doing great job. Japanese art culture is great. How exciting to follow your blogs. Thank you dear Yumi, Good Luck for 2012 and I wish you all your dreams come true… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • Thank you so much such a lot of comments. Thank you for visiting my blog, and took a long time to see my artwork. I really appreciate you! I’m also really happy to have you as my blogger friend! I wish your good luck for 2012 too!!!

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